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Professional Recommendations

“I wanted to write you about a delightful young lady who returned to our school after spending two years in Neytz haChochma. She left our school three years ago, she could not control herself in the classroom and was an angry, unhappy child.
Her performance this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her academic progress has been solid, her behavior was exemplary, she was well liked by her classmates and is clearly a self-confident, positive-thinking child. We are proud to have such a student in our school and look forward to her future growth and development as an upstanding member of the Jewish community who will bring pride and nachas to all of us.
The turnaround that she experienced was no doubt the direct result of the care and expertise she received at Neytz haChochma. Keep up the good work!”

Rabbi Kalman Baumann
Principal Toras Emes Academy of Miami

“We, the Rabbis of the Orthodox Jewish community, wholeheartedly support Neytz haChochma. It is our responsibility as fellow Jews to provide for these children, as though they are our own, so they have a chance to succeed and lead normal productive happy lives as Torah Jews.”

Rabbi Yosef Galimidi, Shaare Ezra Congregation
Rabbi David Lehrfield, Young Israel of Greater Miami
Rabbi Sholom Lipskar, The Shul of Bal Harbour
Rabbi Akiva Stolper, Congregation Ohr Chaim
Rabbi Donald Bixon, Young Israel of Miami Beach
Rabbi Neal Turk, Beth Israel Congregation

“Schools like Neytz haChochma, which provide special needs children with a religious education, are few and far between.”

The Miami Herald