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Parent Recommendations

“One of my sons has been successfully mainstreamed to The Hebrew Academy after attending Neytz haChochma. The key to his success has been working with teachers who connected with him and offered their guidance and support, motivating and enabling him to take an active interest in learning. He has gained more self-esteem based on the results he has created with the support he received at Neytz haChochma. My other son, currently attending Neytz haChochma, is demonstrating a great improvement with his studies, no longer feeling overwhelmed and with renewed confidence in his capabilities.”

Mrs. Alice B
“We are so proud of Jacob - he was nominated for the Chrysalis Award - given to a student who shows remarkable personal growth and academic achievement. Although he didn't "win", we feel he is definately a winner to be nominated for the award his first year back. He is ending the year with all A's and high B's. He raised his Gemara grade from a 72 at the beginning of the year to an 86.

This summer, he is going to be an assistant camp counselor at our shul for 2 weeks. The camp is for learning and sports - can you imagine that? I'll send you pictures.”