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Morah Rifka Mendelsohn

Director of Judaic Studies, Out-of-school Site Supervisor and Camp Neytz Director

Picture of Morah Rifka Mendelsohn Morah Rifka Mendelsohn has provided the essential component to this unique entity, Neytz haChochma, which is based on Torah, Love and Structure. Her dynamic personality encompasses all three.

Morah Rifka began teaching preschool in a “one-room schoolhouse” in S. Paul, Minnesota, in 1975. She taught in Bais Rivkah in Montreal, Canada, and in The Commack Jewish Center, Long Island, New York, before settling in Miami Florida in 1979. After one year at the then South Dade Hebrew Academy, she taught Preschool and Elementary school in Landow Yeshiva from 1980-2003. From 1995 to 2002 she was also the Camp Director of Camp Gan Israel Miami Beach.

While teaching at Landow Yeshiva, as an extremely caring teacher with a great talent for observing details of her students’ behavior, Morah Rifka has exhibited an interest in issues and approaches of exceptional education. She has advised and supported the fledgling Neytz haChochma even before it became a self-standing school. She was always there with a question, a comment, an insightful look.

In 2003 Morah Rifka Mendelsohn joined the staff of Neytz haChochma E.S.E., as a Director of Judaic studies and a Camp Director of Camp Neytz. Recently she also became a Site Supervisor of the Neytzkids out-of-school program funded by the Children’s Trust Foundation. In addition to all these duties, she finds time in her busy schedule to train and inspire future Jewish teachers at the Chaya Aydel Seminary, since its inception in 2002.

Morah Rifka is an amazing person, both disciplined and passionate, creative and highly structured. When her name is mentioned anywhere in Jewish community, 9 out of 10 will probably exclaim,”I was in her first grade!” or “My child was in her first grade!” Wherever she appears, Morah Rifka commands respect and admiration. Her professionalism, perfected by 30 exceptional years in Chinuch, mesmerizes students as soon as she walks into a classroom.

When she accepted the Neytz haChochma administrative position, she was immediately faced with two challenges: building a Hebrew department of a uniquely structured psychoeducational institution and learning the specifics of Exceptional Students education. Not only has she met and mastered both, but in the process she has become a true pillar of structure and discipline at Neytz haChochma. Morah Rifka is a true leader, both demanding and supportive of all faculty and staff members. She is also a warm and caring human being who always listens to their personal concerns.

Morah Rifka Mendelsohn is happily married to Rabbi Shmuel Mendelsohn for 28 years ka”h. She has 4 children and 2 grandchildren ka”h. She is a graduate of Bais Yaakov High School in Montreal, Canada and Bais Rivkah Seminary in Brooklyn, New York.