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Our Mission

Neytz haChochma ESE is an unaffiliated Jewish Orthodox Exceptional Student Education (ESE) school, approved by the State of Florida, that serves students who are unable to function productively in a mainstream classroom. With the firm belief that all Jewish children’s hearts are open to Torah learning, Neytz haChochma ESE is designed to accommodate various emotional and cognitive exceptionalities other than learning disabilities in a self-contained full-time Hebrew Day School setting.

The 1999 conference of Orthodox Mental Health Professionals dedicated to “Children in Crisis,” recommended: “Schools must therefore develop programs to address the needs of students who may need academic intervention, as well as behavior modification and social adjustment.”

We offer a one-of-a-kind integrated thematic curriculum where math and science are taught through the Torah and where Hebrew studies enhance reading comprehension and writing skills in English. Teachers utilize the most advanced interactive educational technology and the most innovative individualized methodology.

We also offer an out-of-school program every afternoon after school hours, which offers various activities throughout the week, such as intensive reading, ceramics, martial arts and daily homework assistance. The out-of-school program is offered to current and former students as well as all children from the community. We recently acquired the Play Attention neurofeedback system, the most effective behavior modification program without medication. The results are rapid gains in attention and behavioral control. Not only is this extremely effective therapy, but it's also a lot of fun for the kids to work with.

Neytz haChochma ESE is specifically designed to meet these needs:

  1. Strength: We discover the children’s particular learning styles, then build on their strengths.
  2. Excellence: Our students know they have the ability to achieve excellence in anything they do.
  3. Fun: They enjoy learning and become motivated to achieve.
  4. Love and Structure: Our approach is based on these two components essential to the growth of a happy child.
  5. Self-Discovery: Our students come to realize their place in the world and gain self-esteem.
  6. Yiddishkeit: The Torah holds all the answers—we only open the kids’ hearts to search for them.
Our unique education approach consists of:
  1. A ratio of two students per teacher at any given time with the exception of group therapy.
  2. An intake procedure that includes a full battery of psychoeducational testing followed by a specialized professional intake committee who work with the child’s parents to implement an IEP (Individual Educational Plan).
  3. In addition to full academic curricula in religious and secular studies, students attend Martial Arts, Music, and/or Art Therapy. Individual, group and family counseling by licensed clinical psychologists is mandatory when indicated by testing.
Our goal is to mainstream students into the regular classroom of a Jewish Day school. The program stresses religious education; secular studies are conducted in compliance with the Florida Sunshine State curriculum..